3 weeks down, 7 to go.

Its only been 3 weeks. Yes 3 weeks, since we decided to plunge into planning a trip to Paris. I'm still pinching myself, and can't quite believe that we have already booked air tickets (Malaysia Airlines !). In fact, the amount of things that have happened in the last few weeks have happened so quickly and efficiently, that I am not even sure if it has been a mere 3 weeks at all. (just checked the diary to make sure).

We spent a bit of time in March working on an application for the New Zealand France Friendship fund. Described on their website as having ""...the aim of promoting friendly relations between the citizens of the two countries...", we decided to apply with the goal of bringing contemporary NZ music to France and vice-versa. To be honest, we spent a good few weeks mulling it over, writing the application, making a website, taking photos, writing draft itineraries, recording demos and liaising with some French contacts. Oh, and practicing... did we mention practicing?  We finally sent the application off, and promptly got on with our busy lives.

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Fast forward 4 months, and we received the news that our application had, to an extent, been successful. We were offered funds equivalent to around half of a plane ticket each. We digested this news for a couple of weeks before meeting for a rehearsal. Not suprisingly, our instruments remained snugly in their cases that night, as we discussed the pros and cons of the opportunity at hand.  All being sensible types (ahem), our list of 'cons' ended up to be quite extensive... BUT, ultimately half of an air ticket and an opportunity is not easy to pass up. And - its PARIS! Three of us have never set foot in Europe. We've played classical music for years, most of our lives, but have never been close to the part of the world where it originated.

Thank You!

With a final sold-out audience of over 50 people, our heads reeling from racing through our 'to-do' lists, and hair looking beautiful thanks to complimentary hair-do's from Rickson. We kicked off our first concert. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

We couldn't have done it without help from the following -

  • Murrays Bay Intermediate - lending us 40 chairs and Chris and Travis Park for helping us to move them.
  • Be Intent - for allowing us to hold a concert in their light filled office.
  • Melody Casse - for donating all the lovely bread and dip.
  • Crystal for doing all the shopping: glasses, wine, juice and chocolates
  • Matt for being our lovely door person/treasurer and for helping to pour and serve drinks post concert.
  • Adam for being our MC for the night and a valiant wine auctioneer.

Its been a whirlwind 3 weeks, but playing to an audience is what music is all about, and something that all the practice-room hours can never replicate. It has been really exciting to put something together in such a short time frame. We would like to extend a mega THANK YOU to all those that came and supported us. Its cheesy but true, we really do appreciate it!

We raised just over $700 on the night, so we are the first step closer to our goal. To all those who donated at the concert or online via Boosted, THANK YOU!!

And if you can help our fundraising in any way... Please consider donating to our crowdfunding account at Boosted. We have to reach our target of $3000 in 36 days (its a type of all or nothing crowdfunding). Our offer still stands, first 5 (named) donations via Boosted will receive a postcard from Paris!*



*(We will be in touch via email for your postal address)

Korutet goes to Paris! But before that, a history of Korutet:

Once upon a time, a long long time ago back in 2012 in a place called Auckland, New Zealand, a little baby Korutet was born. It was so young and fresh-faced back then that to make itself feel more like a big Korutet, it decided to do big things like play great, serious, old music like Beethoven, and Mozart. This made Korutet very excited about its future, even though back then it didn’t even know its own true name (it thought it was called Rimu-tet or something like that but somehow it knew that it didn’t quite feel right). It made its epic debut in front of a select few friends and family at a beautiful big house in Remuera overlooking the Pacific ocean, and it was truly a night to remember.

Our first concert flyerKorutet had big plans for its next year as a growing one-year-old in 2013, but something always seemed to be getting in the way, and of course they were all good things like getting contracts in professional orchestras, training to be school teachers and trips overseas to train as graphic designers (you can all see the results of Korutet’s great new graphic design skills of course) but Korutet knew that one day, it would start to make the things that it really wanted - like proper concerts of its own – really happen.

So now in 2014, Korutet is such a big two year old (yes it is oh yes it is!!) that its walking on its own two feet (or eight feet to be precise, but not in a spidery way) and talking (it can say its own real name which it finally figured out!) and has started getting so good at planning its future that it even went ahead a planned a whole trip to Paris!

Korutet knew that if it could achieve something that huge and exciting, it really would be a big grown-up Korutet (or at least it would start to think it was and act like it was). So back in March it spent hours and hours brainstorming and emailing people in the far away land of France and writing all its plans down on computers and then making it all look pretty (thanks to its sweet new skills!) and then sent it all off and crossed its fingers.

Meanwhile, Korutet had not been neglecting its other skills (the musical ones) and was working away busily every week making sure that when it finally got the chance to show off to its friends and family again (for it had been so long, and Korutet was simply dying to get another chance) it would not disappoint, and ideally, astound everyone with its dulcet tones and transport everyone who heard it into a dreamlike trance. Korutet even wanted to show everyone how mature it was by branching out and playing ‘scary’ contemporary music. (Quotation marks are used by Korutet because it knows that some people for some reason sometimes think that music written after a certain time – 1900ish – is too scary to be performed in public places, particularly rest homes in Auckland and select churches in Paris, but those people really should know they have nothing to be afraid of, there is proven to be absolutely no risk of spontaneous ear combustion associated with music written after this time)

And it started learning all sorts of fun New Zealand and French music in particular, even music written by people that are living today, right at this present moment!

And, it was so inspired that it even had a go at writing some music of its own and even though it wasn’t very sure if it was especially good at it, it thoroughly enjoyed the experience and if you’re lucky you might get the chance to form your own opinion of Korutet’s composing skills and listen to it being performed at one of Korutet’s pre-Paris concerts!

Well there you go, that is Korutet’s story thus far and Korutet will keep you posted about its progress leading up to its first ever overseas trip and future exploits! Thank you so much for being there for Korutet.

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Korutet feels so lucky to have such wonderful family, friends and supporters who have helped on the journey to make this all happen. You are all awesome every single one of you!